children leaving the smallworld nursery with staff in their rain suits and hi-vis

by Alison Buist

10 Apr 23

Daily Arrivals & Departures

Opening Times

Smallworld Nursery opens at 7.30am each morning, closing at 5.30pm. 

While staff shift patterns start earlier, we cannot accept earlier arrivals as this time is used to prepare the breakfast, check the premises and set out the play equipment before the children arrive so they are set up for the day ahead. 

From August 2023, the Nursery will close at 5.30pm within the 3-5 year old Main Room and will only be open until 6pm in the 0-3 age group on an individual needs basis. 

Morning sessions run until 12.45pm 

Afternoon sessions will commence at 1pm 

Pick up & Departures

We currently use an intercom system at our entrance door to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our children. Upon arrival, children must be booked in with a member of staff, our daily register is a requirement from the Care Commission and is also necessary for Health & Safety purposes.

We take the safety of our children seriously and only permit them to leave the Nursery with an adult known to our staff. In the event that someone different from a child’s regular caregiver is collecting them, we request that parents notify us in advance. If there are any unexpected changes, we understand that plans may change, but we ask that parents inform the Nursery by phone to make us aware.

We appreciate parents keeping us informed of any absences as soon as possible, as it helps us to better plan activities and ensure that all children receive the best possible care and attention. Thank you for your cooperation and support in maintaining a safe and nurturing environment for our children.


We have a dedicated area for dropping off or picking up. Please do not park in this area for any other purpose.  Do not park in the yellow criss cross box or the entrance to the nursery as this restricts and delays staff coming to and from work. It is also the main exit route in the case of an emergency.