children playing on the keyboard

by Alison Buist

09 Jun 23

Ebony’s Story

We recently chatted to Ebony’s parents about her experience at Smallworld. Here’s what they had to say:

Smallworld has been a comfort for our children in many ways, it has been a safe place, a familiar place and a place they have both thrived in. With guidance, nurture, interaction and encouragement they have made such special bonds with the ladies in Room 4.

Last year my son started his transition. Around the start of the year, by summer he was more than settled with the idea of school and what was coming. That outcome really couldn’t of been achieved without the ladies at smallworld, literally holding his hand throughout that chapter.

This year my daughter is due to start P1 and with very slight changes to the timing of when transitions started, I again couldn’t fault them. As a parent I am constantly “in the know” with where our children are at in regards to learning of all varieties, I’m updated on the learning journal weekly but most days there is a private family Facebook group which I get day to day updates and photos on what they are upto etc and honestly, I really appreciate and enjoy it.

For me personally, what I look for wihtin a nursery is the care they receive and I can see they are cared for implicitly when my daughter runs into nursery and cuddles the ladies in her room- children have a great sense of character and can be so instinctive so when I see my daughter volunteering affection between the ladies in her room, I am so grateful for the ladies who have loved my children professionally. As a family we have been welcomed into Smallworld and as a parent I have made some lovely connections with the ladies myself which I am so grateful for. Always a warm greeting and smile and a laugh.

From the bottom of our hearts, as a family we want to thank Room 4 and throughout for giving our kiddos the very best start, from snacks to meals, to activities in and outside nursery and for always making us feel welcome. At this point I am unsure who will miss you more, but please know you are completely appreciated by us.