by Alison Buist

13 Jun 23

Feeding, Changing and Sleeping Routines

At Smallworld, it is important to us to get to know our families to ensure that a child’s time at nursery is as close to the routines that they experience at home.

Staff will spend time during a families first visit to ask questions regarding sleep and changing routines and we use this information to build an individualised care plan to meet their specific needs. This can be adapted and changed at anytime as your child develops.

Alongside this, we will ask about feeding routines and any allergies or intolerances that a child may have. This important information will be documented in the child’s file as well as shared with our onsite cook.

We encourage parent to keep staff up to date with routines at home so we can try our upmost to mirror these at Nursery. Parents can speak to staff regarding changes at drop off/ pick up times, arrange an appointment to come in or contact the relevant staff through email on:

Baby room –
Toddler room –