by Alison Buist

10 Jan 24

Introducing Children’s Rights to our learners

Children have the same human rights as adults, but they also have additional rights. They are set out in the UN convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and have been agreed by almost everyone country in the world.

As part of our improvement plan, we aim to introduce Children’s Rights to our learners throughout our Nursery. We plan to do this by sparking conversations that will explore human rights through stories, videos and activities. Each right is equally important and interlinked however, when one right is not met, it often affects many other children’s rights for the child. The UNCRC is in our legislation in Scotland so that children can have their own voice and challenge when their rights are not being respected but they need to know what these are first.

By having empowering conversations with our learners at a young age can help them to understand their own rights throughout their childhood.

Please take time to look at our padlet (see link below) of resources and information to help our staff and parents understand the importance of introducing Children’s Rights in the Early Years. We also welcome contributions to this that you think may help us develop our knowledge within the setting.