by Alison Buist

06 Apr 23

Menu – February 2023

Please see below our menu for February 2023. All meals and snacks are homemade within the premises and served with either fruit or vegetables.

Dietary requirements are always available, please contact a member of staff from your child’s room if you have anything to discuss.

Throughout their sessions, children have access to water at all times and fruit is optional if children require this between meal times.

Week 1Snack AMLunchSnack PMTea
MondayCrackers with cheese spreadVegetable pasta in a tomato sauceRice cakes with fruitSelection of toasted wraps served with sweetcorn
TuesdayPorridge with fruitLentil soup with a selection of sandwichesPancakes with bananasSausage rolls and baked beans
WednesdayCrumpets with spreadMince, tatties and garden peasBreadsticks, vegetable sticks and a selection of dipsVegetable pasta bake
ThursdayBeans on toastSweet and sour chicken served with boiled riceOatcakes and cheeseSoup and scones
FridayBagel with selection of spreadsFish cakes with baked beansFruit saladSelection of sandwiches with vegetable sticks

Week 2Snack AMLunchSnack PMTea
MondayHam wraps with cucumber sticksMacaroni cheese with carrot batonsToast, butter and bananasSelection of toasties served with coleslaw
TuesdayCrumpets with spreadChicken curry with boiled riceCrackers with cheese spread and apple wedgesSoup and crusty rolls
WednesdayScrambled egg on toastSpaghetti bolognaiseScones with butter (plain or fruit)Sausage rolls and baked beans
ThursdayPancakes with bananasSplit pea soup and a selection of sandwichesRice cakes and cucumber sticksMacaroni cheese and garden peas
FridayPorridge with fruitPork sausages with baked beans and mashed tattiesBreadsticks, vegetable sticks and dripChicken curry with nann bread

Week 1Snack AMLunchSnack PMTea
MondayOatcakes and sliced cheeseChilli with boiled riceHam wraps and cucumber sticksVegetable pasta in a tomato sauce
TuesdayToasted bagel with ham slicesRoast chicken in gravy with pastry square and vegetablesScones with spread (plain or fruit)Selection of toasties with vegetable sticks
WednesdayPorridge and fruitTomato soup and a selection of sandwiches Pancakes and bananasScrambled egg on toast with baked beans
ThursdayBeans on toastVegetable pasta in a tomato sauceBreadsticks, vegetable sticks and dipBaked potato with chilli and cheese
FridayCrumpets and spreadHaddock goujons served with baked beansCrackers, cheese and applesSausage rolls and potato wedges