child learning how to write their own name with purple pen

by Alison Buist

12 Apr 23

Nursery Fees & Registration

Smallworld Nursery offers flexible payment options for Nursery fees, with daily, weekly, or monthly payments accepted in advance. For your convenience, payments can be made in cash for your first payment, and subsequently by standing order directly from your bank or through voucher payments directly to our account. Please note that a one-off registration fee of £35 will be charged upon registering your child (not applicable to funded only children).

If you require financial assistance, Universal Credits may be available to help cover Nursery fees. Further information is available from the Nursery office.

Smallworld Nursery understands that costs may increase year on year due to the increasing costs of running the Nursery. Any fee increases will be kept to a minimum wherever possible. Please be informed of the fee collection process at the beginning of your contracted period.

Please note that full fees must be paid for days that your child is absent from the Nursery, even if sessions have been booked, whether due to illness, holidays, or unplanned changes. This is because the Nursery is unable to recover expenses by offering places to other children. No fees are due for Nursery closures.

Nursery, Brechin, Angus

The Nursery closes promptly at 5:30pm, and morning sessions end at 12:45pm. If you anticipate being late for pick-up, please inform the Nursery as soon as possible. A late pick-up fee of £5 will be imposed for each 15 minutes or part thereof for persistent late pick-ups. If you wish to discuss your child’s day in the Nursery with a member of staff, please arrive at least ten minutes before the end of the session.

Once a signed booking form has been submitted, it will be considered as acceptance of the Nursery place offered. If you fail to take up the place offered, you will be liable for one month’s fees in lieu of notice.