Out of school club

As parents prepare for their children to approach primary school age, managing school holidays, inservice days, and daily pick up/drop off times can seem overwhelming, particularly for those who are working.

At Smallworld Nursery, we recognise this challenge and offer an out-of-school club to relieve the pressure and provide a familiar and welcoming environment for children, many of whom are Smallworld Nursery graduates. Our staff pick up children from both Maisondieu and Andover Primary Schools, bringing them back to our out-of-school club located at Bank Street. Parents can rest assured that their children are in safe hands, surrounded by familiar faces and a nurturing atmosphere.

With a range of activities on offer, such as table football, Wii, art & craft, Lego/Knex, doll’s house, role play, and more, children are sure to find something they enjoy. Additionally, we visit the Brechin Campus once a week for physical games and try to visit the park once a week, weather permitting. For more details, a separate handbook is available for our Out-of-School Care program.

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