ASD training with the nursery team delivered by the Angus Council's Autism Team

by Alison Buist

09 Jun 23

ASD Training delivered by the Angus Council’s Autism Team

We were lucky enough to be joined by Angus Council’s Autism team who delivered 3 separate sessions of 1 ½ hours training to different groups of staff. Everyone felt that the training was beneficial and came away from it with different strategies which we can implement into our daily routines.

Our staff feedback from the course:

“I now have a better understanding of autism”

“I will now consider the children’s surroundings and understand that changes in their day may lead to being unsettled or distressed.”

“Fantastic training. I would definitely be able to use this in my day to day practice.”

“I love how Autism is no longer seen as a line of severity as there are so many different aspects of it which makes every child an individual.”